Gavin Clydesdale Reid

Professor of Economics

Gavin on his tricycle (‘trike’), in the garden at Addlestone, Surrey, England, 1947:  young enough to be still in nappies, sitting on his lambskin rug, treasured for many more childhood years. He’s certainly feeling happy with life.

Gavin’s (Guy’s) first sports car. Birthday present on 25th August 1950.  Note it is a shooting brake, with ‘go faster’ arrows. This was shipped back to the UK in due course, and used for many years in Camberley. It was a ton weight, and hard to drive fast. Sister Margaret is the passenger in the back. A note on the back of the photo by my father remarks ‘she wanted to drive, but Guy would have none of it’.

Sheila Reid (neé Jackson), my mother, with her three children, back garden in ‘Ivy Dean’, Folkestone, Kent, 1948. My elder sister Margaret it on the left, me next to her, and my younger sister, Mary Ann, is on my mother’s knee.